Some clients we have had the pleasure to serve.

“Hiring Tammy Martin was the best decision I made for myself, and for my company. In under one year, Tammy restructured our financials, created a 5 year forecast, and helped me to double the valuation of my business. And apart from her financial brilliance, Tammy was a partner to me throughout the entire M&A process, advising on every aspect of the sale. Tammy is more than a CFO; she acts as a trusted advisor, and her expertise and partnership allowed for a smoother diligence process, as well as a higher enterprise value.”

– Lisa Tortolani, CEO, ABCya

“Working with Tammy was an EXCELLENT experience on every level, she is not your average CFO, she understands the entire process of turning an idea into a reality. She quickly understood my concept and was able to build a credible and exciting business plan, pitch deck and executive summary that easily attracted top-notch C-Team members and investors. What sets Tammy apart is that she knows how to maintain a company’s success by explaining the story behind the numbers and how to navigate in an ever changing environment. Tammy was so good that I hired her as my CFO before we even found our investors. On top of all of this she was so easy to work with.”

– Elizabeth “Bitty” Schram, Golden Globe Nominated Hollywood Actress

While working with Tammy over the past several years, I found her to be an exceptional executive and business leader. Her professionalism, attention to detail, commitment, and honesty are the foundation on which she has built a successful practice. The benefits she brings to her clients regarding financial and strategic planning, profit improvement, increased operating efficiencies and performance are a tremendous value.

– Steve Powers, President, Intrepid Advisors

“Peter and I have been working together to create budgets, productivity analyses, profitability reports, and industry benchmarking for different products and services. Peter’s insight has been invaluable to the process and he is able to draw on past work experience to provide context to the situation at hand. Not only has he prepared the information but he has also been instrumental in the roll out and execution. I have enjoyed working with Peter and highly recommend his work.”

– Michael Carney, CPA, President at MWC Accounting

“I have known Peter for over twenty five years. I have worked with him at multiple companies including a company that was ranked 18th on the INC 500 fastest growing list. Peter can handle multiple challenges simultaneously and conducts himself in a calm and thoughtful manner, even under extreme project pressures. I have always found him to have a strong level of integrity, be a good listener and a great team member. He has consistently taken on complex projects with a simple but methodical approach to understanding root cause analysis. Regardless of the subject matter – Accounting, Fiscal Responsibility, IT, Strategy or Culture – Peter has proven himself capable of identifying root cause issues and has been successful in implementing incremental improvements. He is a thoughtful and reliable leader that will contribute value to any team.”

– Ed Cabral, CEO at Global Technology Advisors